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  • Alexandra Daddadrio sitting in a hot tub next to Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Alexandra showing cleavage in her blue bikini top. She and Kirby talk for a while before the girls lean in and almost kiss, interrupted by a guy joining them in the tub. From Why Women Kill.

  • Alexandra Daddario stepping into a kitchen showing cleavage in a blue bikini as she stops to briefly talk to Kirby Howell-Baptiste and a guy. From Why Women Kill.

  • Alexandra Daddario leaning over in front of a guy as she takes her jeans off and then removes her shirt to reveal a black bikini. She then talks to the guy for a bit as he sits on a chair with a laptop in his lap, Alexandra showing cleavage and leaning over to kiss the guy on the cheek before she dips into a swimming pool. From Why Women Kill.