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  • Maria Dmitrieva lying on her back in bed as a guy unbuttons her shirt and then reaches in to massage her breast before putting his hand between her legs. We then get a look at Maria dancing for the guy near a table, stripping down to just her panties as she spins around and stretches acrobatically while topless, partially pulling her panties down at her

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  • Anastasiya Evgrafova showing her right breast as we see her from the side showering, then sitting on the floor of the shower with her knees folded to her chest. From Vnutri ubiytsy (AKA A Killer's Mind).

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  • Anastasiya Evgrafova on her back on the ground with pokey nipples in view as a guy straddles her and then cuts her shirt open with a knife, revealing her left breast. He then threatens her with the knife before flipping her over and pulling her pants down to expose her butt. From Vnutri ubiytsy.

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