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  • Alexandra Daddario showing plenty of cleavage in a skimpy black bikini as she walks up to a swimming pool and sits down to talk to a guy. Meanwhile, we see Kate Up in a cleavage-baring blue bikini as she walks up to Alexandra and her guy. The three of them sit in the pool against the wall before we see the two girls taking turns diving off the edge as a

  • Alexandra Daddario of Baywatch fame standing in front of a mirror look at her reflection when Kate Upton bounces into view in a zipper-front swimsuit that she partially unzips to reveal lots of cleavage. Kate then leaves and Alexandra tries out some different poses pulling on her dress to expose more cleavage. From The Layover.

  • Alexandra Daddario making out with a guy up against a wall before he picks her up and carries her to a bed where we see them having sex in a variety of positions, first with Alexandra on all fours with her bouncing cleavage in view. She then rides the guy while facing him before turning around. We then see Alexandra on her back before she once again rid

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