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  • Florence Pugh waking up in bed and flashing her right nipple when she sits up and the covers fall away. We then see Florence in her underwear as she shows her left breast from across the room while starting to get dressed. From Marcella.

  • Florence Pugh seen at first on a webcam as she kneels on bed wearing a red robe, which she opens up to reveal her bra. We then seen Florence in front of her computer kneeling and rubbing her breast in her bra while masturbating for the camera. From Marcella.

  • Florence Pugh sitting on the edge of a bed while chatting with someone on a webcam, taking her robe off to go topless. We get a look at her breasts when the person instructs her to run a knife down between them. Florence then gets freaked out by the person's messages and she covers up. From Marcella.