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  • Alexandra Daddario making out with a guy in a blue-lit room, taking off her top to reveal her bra and showing cleavage as she lays down on a bed with the guy and kisses him some more. She then takes his belt off and puts it around her neck, the guy grabbing it and tugging it a couple times but then stopping. From Lost Girls and Love Hotels. Updated to h

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  • Alexandra Daddario kissing a guy as she undresses by a bed, her bra coming into view first before the guy slides her pants off and reveals her panties. After she kisses the guy some more, Alexandra puts her arms up in the air and the guy binds her wrists together before kissing her once more. From Lost Girls and Love Hotels. Updated to higher quality.

  • Alexandra Daddario climbing on top of a guy in bed, almost revealing her breasts as she leans over and kisses him. We then see her on her back as she and the guy have sex and he places his hand on her neck. Finally, we see Alexandra lying in bed naked with the guy, showing some of her butt cheek and then giving a quick flash of her nipple as she rolls o