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  • Florence Pugh wearing a sheer nightie that first gives a look at her breast from the side through the thin fabric. She then starts to clean a window with a piece of newspaper, her nipples visible underneath her nightie. The window then moves closer to Florence and eventually pins her against the wall, her breasts pressing into the glass. Things then ret

  • Florence Pugh kissing a guy while in a red dress, the guy guiding her to a desk where she sits on the edge and the guy slides her panties off from under her dress. He then puts his hand between her legs to finger her as Florence looks over at another guy who watches from across the room. From Don't Worry Darling.

  • Florence Pugh in a strapless dress as she makes out with a guy beside a dining table, the guy laying her back on top of the table and going down on her. She grabs his head with her hand and knocks things off the table with her other hand. Florence arches her back and shows cleavage as she cries out. From Don't Worry Darling.