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  • Tanja Divnic passionately kissing a guy and then reaching around from behind him and grabbing his penis through his jeans before she gets on the ground and goes down on him for quite a while all as he's forced to watch videos of a girl doing her makeup and eating a popsicle all as another guy films them with a video camera until finally he grabs on to t

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  • Marina Savic lying naked across a guy on a bed as she goes down on him while he watches home videos of Jelena Gavrilovic and some other people until she pauses briefly and he pushes her head back down until suddenly the video he's watching switches to porn and Marina rolls over and lies next to him and starts touching her breasts and playing with her ni

  • Lena Bogdanovic stumbling into a warehouse drugged out with blood on her body and her white top torn open showing her cleavage and her right nipple all as she stumbles towards some guys and then drops to her knees. From A Serbian Film (AKA Srpski film).